Startup Business Booster

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A helping hand to all startups

Almost 90% of the startups fail Why? It’s a big question. There are certain things to take care of when it comes to startup’s.

  1. Create a Good Team.
  2. Analyse the market and Create the Product
  3. Find Funding
  4. Once you pitched the product Then Expand.

Before having a idea of non-tech startups or tech based startups you will need a website to convey your idea to the potential customers. and some of you may not be having any idea about website, mobile apps etc.

Startup Mentorship

Having a idea to start a business is not enough. getting the right customers, Making sure it’s the right product, Marketing the right way, Deciding about the partners all these things are not an easy task.

We will create a online portfolio for you free of cost. we will register your business in google, create a facebook profile, linkedIn, twitter, etc free of charge and will train you to get more customers.

We will Help you with

  1. Creating a Website
  2. Helps with the hosting
  3. Help you with Social media marketing techniques
  4. Helps you with google ads
  5. Helps you with the Mobile applications.
  6. and many more…

Why we are doing this?

you will be our clients for lifetime and we want to help entrepreneurs.