The Truth that Webdesigners Hiding from you.

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Things that Designers Hide from you?

We want to share you some major things that webdesigners hiding from you. you have a business and you want someone to create a website for you. here are the things you need to watch out.

1 . Learn About Static and Dynamic Website

Most of the designers or software companies will quote you very low and deliver the website within a day or two. What they are doing is downloading a theme that was created by someone else and changing the color, logo that can match up with your business profile and Boooom..!!. That’s it.

Make Sure about static and dynamic website. if they quote you a very low price then for sure it will be a static website.

Static website:- The Data text / Image is fixed. As a user you can’t change any of it.  And when u want a offer/product to be added to the website you will have to call the firm and make them do the work. trust me they will charge you extra for that.

Dynamic website, Yes this is the thing you want for sure. You can change images, text, you can customize as per your wish. You can have your own dashboard to play with.

2. Make sure your website is SEO friendly

Have a Business website. Want to show results when someone types your business name ? . Make sure your website is SEO friendly. There are certain things to check for SEO. It’s a little bit technical but.

i.  Title
ii.  Meta Tags
iii. The URL Slug.

3. Responsive Website

Make sure it’s a responsive website. That is compatible to mobiles, Tablets, PC all screens.


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