Google ditched the Headphone jack in New Pixel 2

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When Apple released it’s Iphone 7 and 7 plus in 2016 the users were angry at  apple that they ditched their head phone jack.

iphone 7 and 7 plusapple airpods

And the apple haters said they ditched the headphone jack because they need to sell their new product Airpods.

Apple has been innovating since 2007 when they first launched iphone. the device was revolutionised the entire smartphone industry

No one will be having a doubt over that.
It seems like all the other companies are following the apple trend. In 04-Oct-2017 Google event the sundar pichai unveiled the new Google pixel 2 with new head phone jack. And their new Google buds.

Unlike other phone manufacturer’s Google is using more software power rather than having more power full hardware to get The best user experience

Let’s see if the users will accept it or not.
You can pre-order the Google products from the Google Store

Watch the Google Key Note full Here.

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