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Google have published the developer preview of their upcoming Android version ( 7.0). They haven’t  yet confirmed the name for this version.Names like nectar, Nutella, nougat and some names after some sweet or dessert.

There are many features included in this new version like revamped notifications, better battery life, multi-window support and much more


1. Notification

The Android n notification bar includes bundled notifications, template updates, and direct reply option.  Bundled notification provides more specification to avatar or profile pictures. Messages will be grouped together using this .direct reply works for all platforms.

2. Multi-window support

Two apps   Will work together in the same window. There is also an option for resizing and dragging. The picture in picture mode is also there.This feature was expected before.

3.improved google keyboard 

Google keyboard will be having 15 solid themes inbuilt and more themes will be available soon. You can also use your own picture as a theme.More themes can be expected in the updates.

4.Android TV recording 

Users can record and playback via recording API’s.You can also schedule a recording or you can record live.Thus you may broadcast anything live to any of the social medias in future.

5.Enhanced doze mode

This will save your battery power by dozing when the screen is off.This feature ensures long battery life and backup.

6. Night mode

As in apple, the brightness and theme color all automatically turns to night mode with the time.This feature will be interesting as most of us are night users.

7.Number blocking 

You can block specific numbers on the phone without the help of any external applications.This feature within the android version ensures that all the mobile phones using this will be accessible to this feature.

8.call screening

You may add certain numbers for screening as we had options in the Nokia mobile phones.

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